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Knowing that Dad has been lingering on death’s threshold for over a week, we’ve put in long hours each day, hoping to have the casket finished by the time it was needed.
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Breakfast on the Porch

I sit for a few minutes longer,
indulging in this lavish beginning
of the day the Lord has made. Continue reading

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Either we teach our children and ourselves that love is unconditional or we teach them that it is earned and subject to change without notice. Continue reading

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Bird Brain

“Hey, little fellow,” I greeted it, with no thought as to whether or not any neighbors might be witnessing a middle-aged professor attempting to have a conversation with an mentally impaired bird. No response. So, I reached down gently and nudged it slightly with the back of my finger. Continue reading

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The Noise of Wings

Fervent in preaching, devout in belief and constant in showing care to neighbors and church members, Dad has walked all but his last few steps upon this earth. He will leave the legacy of many good men: his virtues well known and his faults mostly private. Continue reading

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Faux Painting

Somewhere between wallpaper and the Ralph Lauren faux paint center at Home Depot, Randa and I decided to have a go at some non-traditional painting techniques and figured that our small bathroom would be just the place to practice. Continue reading

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A Fine Memory

It would be good, I think, to make some positive, fine association with the memory of a young person. To have some good thing so firmly entrenched in their mind that the decades of life could not undo it. To be stirred in memory from time to time with such fine associations. Continue reading

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