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Rest That Works

Even while we may continue in the midst of work, God often brings some sort of change that eases our burden. Continue reading

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Getting There

Theology at times seems to me like trying to explain the universe to a tree frog. I have found faith much more satisfying than theology. Continue reading

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Setting the Braces

The edges blur
in this tired light
and I am ready for rest. Continue reading

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Fencing the Horse Pasture

The man who works with me
is not here because of pay or promise
but because of friendship, Continue reading

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A Good Change

I closed my eyes and thought of season’s change for a moment, remembering leaves turning and tumbling. Air crisp like fresh apples and clean as a mountain spring. Air that defines the boundaries and invites you beyond them. Continue reading

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Amish Hay

Farmland spreads out for miles,
remarkably green in the heavy heat of August. Continue reading

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We sat out on the east porch last night, alone in the heat of brick and stone. With darkness clothed around us, we felt the day leaving. There was the least stir of a breeze, a slight rustling of leaves … Continue reading

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