Judgment Day Is Almost Here, Again

Found a pamphlet on the table last night. I think it fell out of our newspaper when I opened it. Either that, or someone walked in while we were gone and laid it on the kitchen table. So, I’m hoping it had been stuffed into the paper.

Regardless of how it arrived, its claim is the more interesting aspect of the story. According to Family Bible or some similarly named organization purporting to be from California, Judgment Day will be on May 21, 2011. The group uses the same sort of logic for their calculation as has made fools of numerous other wannabe prophets.

I’m guessing they’ll get some people all stirred up, amuse quite a few more and maybe even disappoint a few folks. Nothing like getting all riled up for something that doesn’t happen when it was predicted to happen to get your dadgummer a’hummin’.

Folks like this always skip right over Jesus’ emphatic declaration that neither he nor the angels in heaven knew when Judgment Day was going to be. Of course, it’s been a while since he said that so maybe these folks figure things have changed on that point.

I won’t be stockpiling any more food than I did when we closed out the previous millennium. As I recall, during the Y2K party, airplanes did not fall from the sky, the power grid did not go down and Armageddon did not commence as predicted. There were also a few other end of the world predictions back in the mid-20th Century. The failure of those predictions and the fact that this current one comes a group based in California helps take some of the shock out of the forecast. So, pardon me while I don’t get too worked up about it.

What I will be doing is continuing my awareness that the Lord could come at any time. It is my firm intent to rise up and meet him in the air.

Without any pamphlets.

H. Arnett



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