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The Real Test

Rather than lending the typical sympathetic ear that comes so easily to such exchanges, I instead took a different tact. Continue reading

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A Different Road

It is good from time to time
to turn away from our search for the spectacular
and take in the humble beauty
that spreads around us, Continue reading

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Getting Along

Every now and then, I do something strange. Pick up a hitchhiker, speak to someone I don’t know, stuff like that. In fact, I’ve been doing weird stuff for so long now, it’s about to get to where strange is … Continue reading

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Witness of Weakness

Passing through our middle years, we are still occasionally surprised not to see that younger memory of ourselves when we look in the mirror. Continue reading

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The Ancient of Days

Beyond the bluffs and the bare-branched ridge,

in the thin cut between the over-hanging shroud

and the blackness of frozen ground,

Continue reading

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The Way of Things

Last night’s mesmerizing sunset brought a splashing of reds and pinks onto the bellies of scattering clouds stretched out in fan pattern from the west. Beneath that beauty, though, the cold rolled edge of a slate blue front laid a distinct boundary of something else. Continue reading

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Cutting Edge

With the wind chill at minus four and a scattering of snow on the ground, I believe that I can say that January has finally found us here in the near corner of Kansas. Continue reading

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