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Aging Ain’t Much of a Spectator Sport

When I realized that my “jump shot” had turned into a “hop shot,” I knew that while the athletes I watched seemed to be getting younger, I wasn’t. Continue reading

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Adkins Diet & Other Tortures

The Adkins Diet was a great way for me to lose weight, patience and friends… sometimes moderation is a better choice than abstinence. Continue reading

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The Shroud

Sometimes it ain’t how smart ya are, it’s whether you notice things or not… some things take a closer look than others. Continue reading

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Houston, You Have a Problem

Now that I’m coming out of the closet about my hearing impairment I want the rest of you to know that I expect you to fix it… Continue reading

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Bad Cider

Expecting the taste of fine hard cider and getting something between floor cleaner and industrial solvent is a bit of a disappointment… but there are useful lessons to be learned. Continue reading

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A Pretty Good Day

Broken merchandise, unwanted home maintenance problems and road mishaps… sounds like a perfect way to make a good day, eh?! Continue reading

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Sunny Side Up

Maybe it’s not so important whether the glass is half-full or half-empty… at least the glass is not broken! Continue reading

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