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Academic Retreat

Even in intellectual settings, it is the caring for one another that matters most and helps us focus together on the work that we share. Continue reading

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Riding a Low Ridge in Southern Kansas

Absorbing the simple beauty of a summer afternoon along the backroads of Cowley County is a pretty good way to soothe the mind… Continue reading

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Driving Through the Red

When even the big rig drivers are pulling off the road, you know you’re driving in some intense rain. Of course, you should probably know that just from the intense rain! Continue reading

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Hiking the Mountain

Sharing good memories and making new ones, being in a place of beauty with people you love… creature and creation in harmony… ahh, blessing! Continue reading

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The Promise & Prophecy of Spring

We need the remembering that we were born to planting, made for growing and filled with the promise of God’s own good yield, sown in the fields of heart and soul. Continue reading

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Prayer from the Heart of Prairie Country

What hope we hold for spring!
What desire for winter’s green promise,
the yielding of frozen earth to warming winds Continue reading

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Among the Shadows of Old Boulders

It is not often the easy view of others that gives us a true understanding of the loads they carry. It takes more than accidental knowing, something more like caring. Continue reading

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