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Of Grain and Growing

Unlike these great fields of wheat, we can bear fruit over and over again… if we do not give up on staying green and growing. Continue reading

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Whether we embrace change or hate it or do both at the same time, we need something solid that will help us to endure and thrive through it all. Continue reading

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Masters of Their Craft

I love to watch someone who is highly skilled at their craft, whether it’s shaping metal or shaping minds. Continue reading

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Andy Schuler’s funeral reminded me that the most important parts of our life stories may not be included in our published obituaries. Continue reading

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Cold Feet

Milking in an unheated milk shed when it’s thirty degrees below freezing isn’t a lot of fun… but there are lessons to be learned. Continue reading

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Silicone Solutions

It doesn’t matter how wonderful your “silicone solution” is unless you smear it in the right place. Continue reading

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Behind the Seens

Even when your hard work is not noticed by those around you, don’t give up! The good we do blesses others even when they don’t know how hard it was to get it done. Continue reading

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