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Valentine’s Day

Treating each other in ways that help love grow might not always be easy but it really isn’t all that complicated… Continue reading

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The Next Town Over

Field trips are a key component of education, from pre-school to post-graduate! Continue reading

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Apple cider can turn into vinegar. I very much prefer the taste of cider. Continue reading

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Food for the Faithful

Only the faintest light shows
in the pale pink streak
above the trees
along the low line of the creek
to the east.
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Getting Along

Every now and then, I do something strange. Pick up a hitchhiker, speak to someone I don’t know, stuff like that. In fact, I’ve been doing weird stuff for so long now, it’s about to get to where strange is … Continue reading

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One More Mile

It was a cloudy but beautiful evening in the Smokies of North Carolina. Even though he’d fractured his right leg and torn up his left knee in an accident early in the summer, my brother-in-law, Olian, wanted us to take … Continue reading

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Test Ride

My first horse of the summer was only a little bit of a bummer; back in May, I’d paid gaited horse price for a horse that didn’t gait. Since the seller had promised to refund our money if we decided … Continue reading

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