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A Chance of Rain

A full moon sets a ruffled glow
showing through the clouds,
a vague and veiled testimony
like the hazy kiss of fog against the face. Continue reading

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I was pretty sure it was a myth, this so-called “runners’ euphoria.” Supposedly, at some point in a run, or a workout, in response to sustained physical exertion, the brain releases dopamine and endorphins and that release triggers a sort of pleasurable feeling that’s like, well, euphoria. Continue reading

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Holding to Hope

There is, sometimes,
a fine line between hope and madness,
a keen edge between the ledge of despair
and believing
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The Witness of a Greater Light

I love the look of a winter moon,
barely past full,
just that slight slump of the middle
suggesting it is only slightly less
than the night before.
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Sufficient Evidence

Not even Jesus’ contemporary enemies dared say that it was all hoax and hokey-ness. Not even the ones who hated him so much they wanted him dead.
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