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Prayer for the Lord’s Day

With his resurrection upon the first day of the week, Christ established a New Sabbath… and gave a new hope to the world. Continue reading

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Prayer for Tuesday

As Christians, we are expected to suffer yet find that God’s strength is perfected in our weakness. Continue reading

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The Glory of Purpose

These may well be the ugliest apple trees I have ever seen, Continue reading

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Not Any, Not All

None of it compares
to the glory

that shall be revealed
in us.

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Beyond the Bloom

I stand still for a moment, close my eyes and draw in that light perfume. It seems to collect in the middle of my brain, suspending thought and filling me with calm. Continue reading

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Look Over There

When we are made no longer subject to the nuances of this world and its ways and when all that causes death and decay has been done away, in that Day, we will know fully the joy that we have only tasted, that which stays.
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