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Encouragement for Parents and Partners

Just love your family, every single hour of every single day of your life and devote yourself to complete imitation of the example of Christ in serving your family. Continue reading

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Hitchin’ Post

It used to be pretty routine for me, officiating weddings for people I didn’t know. Part of the job, goes with the territory, that’s what ministers do, etc. I’d guess that over half of the weddings I’ve done since 1975 were for people I’d never even met until they decided they wanted a legal union. Continue reading

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We have wept and laughed, felt ourselves torn in half by heartache and sometimes caused the same to others. We have made the bed in the quick rush of mornings and sipped warm glasses of red wine in the slow twilight. Continue reading

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Working Man

Of course, I have no idea how the situation will play out but I do know this, any woman who ends up marrying Curtis and sharing a life of respect, consideration and love will never go hungry because her man is too lazy to work. Continue reading

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