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A Soothing Stream, A Healing Flow

It is a challenge–and well worth the effort–to keep our hearts pure yet still open to offer hope and solace to a bruised and aching world. Continue reading

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Big Roy

He taught me how to swim, pop wheelies on a tractor and how to build a fort with bales of hay. Continue reading

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The Next Town Over

Field trips are a key component of education, from pre-school to post-graduate! Continue reading

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Mean Kids

I’m not advocating violence or vigilantism but sometimes somebody might actually deserve a punch in the nose. Continue reading

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A Hint of Consideration

A trucker’s Jake Brakes got me to thinking early this morning about how easy it is for us to become so absorbed with our own interests and activity that we fail to take time to think about how a particular thing might affect others. Continue reading

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A More Accurate Account

While childhood stories might become “fantasized” to some degree, our personal testimony should never be glorifed. Sometimes, we wrestle with demons. Sometimes, we lose. Continue reading

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Beyond Survival

What strangers can’t see and even family members might not accurately perceive is the degree of determination. She would have fit right in with the pioneers who pushed their way through the Cumberland Gap a few generations ago. Continue reading

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